Teaching my Grandma what I do with Trailhead

Or how Trailhead taught my Grandma about Salesforce:

salesforce_advantage_apps_newRecently I found myself in the position of trying to explain to my Grandma what Salesforce is. As it turns out, this is a really easy thing to answer, if you’re talking to someone who’s used computers all their life. For my grandma, however, there were just too many hurdles to overcome. To her, CRM was her job, not a tool she used for her job. As the front office manager for a beauty school in small town Indiana, she called, wrote and spoke with hundreds of clients a week. The idea of needing a computer to remember and record that information… well, she’d rather use her address book and her sharp-as-a-tack mind. It’s true, as they say, that they don’t make them like they used to.

She came around to the idea of CRM eventually. Then I had to explain why Salesforce, as a CRM, is better than her old school, (and flat out old) address/notebook. Way to put me on the spot grandma! Explaining metadata is actually a tall order. Especially since I smarted off that Metadata was just data about data! To which my grandmother said “isn’t data about data just data?”

Uh, yes. But… Trailhead to the rescue (Again)

Thankfully, Trailhead has come to my rescue. There’s a new trail that breaks down exactly what Salesforce is, what makes it special, and why it’s better than ye-olde-notebook. Called The Salesforce Advantage the trail walks you through not only what Salesforce is, but the technology behind it — including metadata and the cloud.

This isn’t a technological deep dive into the how of Salesforce, but it does discuss the what of Salesforce at a nice introductory pace. It’s perfect for my Grandma. More importantly, it’s perfect for managers and executives, new admins and developers to learn the strategic advantages of Salesforce. If you’ve never done Trailhead, or if you’re new to Salesforce — hell, if your Grandma asks what you do for a living … climb this trail! Especially if you’re trying to explain to Grandma!

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