Security and Change Management Trailhead modules

trailheadIf you’ve not yet heard about Trailhead, click here. I’ll wait. Back? Great. Trailhead is awesome, and I’ve been a big fan since it was released at Dreamforce ‘14. It’s got modules for both the clicking and the coding developers among us. Regardless of your development style, the mix of videos, how-to’s and exercises are helpful to learn and sharpen your skills. About two weeks ago, I finished all the available modules, and tweeted out that I was finished. At the time I was promised more modules and this morning I woke up to two wholly new modules and two modules with new exercises!


trailhead data security

Trailhead Data Security

Data Security is the first new module. It teaches users the finer points of Field Level Security (FLS), Sharing Rules, Role Hierarchy, and related information. Perhaps the most important section is the overview of the module. I don’t want to ruin the fun, but I will say you might want to print this off and post it on your wall: a handy infographic on data security! It should be pointed out that Data Security is possibly the single most important and complex topic covered by Trailhead, and it’s critical we all become experts on this. Also, for the record, forcing users to use a hardware token is only an organizational security feature in my head.

trailhead change management

Trailhead Change Management

Trailhead Change Management is the second new module released today. It discusses the finer points of using sandboxes, change sets and the overall workflow recommended for Salesforce feature development. While Trailhead is aimed at developers, I wish this module was somehow required homework for managers and budget creators who argue against providing developers sandboxes! Build, Test, Deploy! Build in a sandbox, deploy to production!


In addition to the two new modules, there are new challenges associated with the testing and apex modules. Interestingly, the Trailhead site now shows a preview of things to come with modules for:

  1. Asynchronous Apex
  2. Apex Integration Services
  3. Visualforce & JavaScript
  4. App Deployment

I, for one, look forward to finishing up the Data Security and Change Management modules while they prepare the new Apex modules! You can get started with Trailhead by clicking here!


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