Example RubyMotion Salesforce App

Today I released Mobile Admin Tools, a RubyMotion based Salesforce app allowing Admins to manage their Salesforce users on their iPhones. Mobile Admin Tools specifically allows Admins to:

  1. See a list of all users in their Org
  2. See a particular users’ login history
  3. See the detail of that users’ account such as mobile #
  4. Initiate a password reset (Salesforce will reset the password and email a new, temporary password to the users’ listed email)
  5. Deactivate or (re)Activate users
  6. Toggle various permissions such as Visualforce Developer mode

Additionally, the app gives admins the ability to tweet their experience after resetting a password with some suggested messages and hash tags like “Just reset another password with Mobile Admin Tools #atTheBar #whySFDCAdminsDrinkLess”

You can find the source code (it’s open source) and more details here: http://noeticpenguin.github.io/MobileAdminTools/

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