Do be do be do – A Ruby Api Client Gem

Today I’m happy to announce Dobedobedo, a Ruby client gem for the api. While the api is not yet generally available interested parties can visit and request api oAuth keys. Once oAuth keys have been acquired use of the gem is fairly straightforward. (see below!)

The gem can be found in the usual places and the source is up at github. 

Edit: Less than a week in the wild and there’s already almost 200 developer downloads of the gem according to


Key features:

  • Objects are reflective of API results. Future field changes to the API are automatically accounted for.
  • Full CRUD to Projects
  • Full CRUD to Tasks
  • Full CRUD to Notes
  • Full CRUD to Comments
  • Full CRUD to Projects
  • Read access to Alerts
  • Read access to Workspaces
  • Read access to User
  • macRuby compatibility

Todo: i.e. Notable issues and limitations:

  • Nothing requiring the use of Client-Credential Grant type / Provisioning Scope is functional. Primarily this means you cannot create new workspaces, invite someone to a workspace, or Create a new user
  • Put/Update calls to Task resource are not fully reflective as full reflection of the object back to currently closes the task automatically.

The Name:

Awhile back, when I was first learning Ruby I came across a bit of code that I was amazed and confused by: Sinatra. As I have learned and become more experienced with Ruby I keep going back to the source of Sinatra to read and learn even more. Sinatra is a great framework and it’s original author Adam Wiggins —who appears to update his blog less than I do— have taught me much over the years. Dobedobedo is an attempted shout-out to Adam and his Sinatra framework while still maintaining a clear reference.

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