Connected Apps Gotchas

Winter 13 developer orgs have replaced the “remote access” API feature set with a pilot program of Connected apps. Essentially Connected Apps are Remote Access v2.0 records, and provide a nicer interface with tighter and finer grained security controls via oAuth scopes.

Unfortunately, Connected Apps really is a pilot program; the documentation and interface is at best insufficient and at times woefully inadequate. Case in point: Connected Apps can be “published” and the Developer hands-on workshop workbooks from #DF12, as well as the Salesforce Touch Platform book (see page 40ish) as well as the official Connected Apps pdf imply that you must publish the Connected App. However, simply creating a Connected App record does not enable you to publish It. Indeed, after hours of research, a Stack Exchange question and a #askforce twitter plea, I stumbled upon the answer accidentally while attending todays (10/31/12) #forcewebinar on Canvas Apps. As it turns out the key to publishing connected apps in Winter13 Dev orgs is defining a namespace. Once you’ve Namespaced your org, you’ll see the publish button for Connected apps.

To namespace your development org click:

  • Setup
  • Create
  • Packages
  • Developer Options Edit
  • Namespace Prefix

Additionally, If you only need oAuth tokens/keys setup to replicate the existing “Remote Access” capabilities of Production orgs, You do not need to publish your connected app simply creating it is enough to establish oAuth connections.

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