Does your company value you enough to send you to Dreamforce?

Look. Hear’s the deal. If your company won’t send you to Dreamforce, it’s time to give serious thought to finding one who will. Dreamforce happens just once a year, and it’s four days packed full of information. More than sessions, mini-hacks and several hundred pounds of new books, Dreamforce is your chance to cross pollinate ideas with other devlopers and admins. The single greatest reason you need to attend Dreamforce isn’t to see Reid loose his voice in the iOT lab, but rather to see new and innovative ideas and solutions to problems. Problems you may be struggling with, problems you don’t yet even have — but will. Simply put, Dreamforce is the only event in the world where 100k people get together to cross polinate ideas. You and I won’t be the smartest, most experienced people at Dreamforce this year, but we’re not the least experienced people their either. We go to learn, and to teach equally. So if your company won’t send you to Dreamforce, find one that will, and make sure that if Dreamforce 14 isn’t in the cards, Dreamforce 15 is.

#Thats fine Kevin, but how do I do that?
The very best part of Salesforce is the rich community that’s grown up arround it. Better still, these are the people who know who’s hiring, who know whether or not Dreamforce is a regular thing. Find your usergroup, ask on the Dev community, get the UG leaders to have a “we’re hiring” sheet, or weekly post the “who’s hiring” to the success community for your UG. The community knows the power of Dreamforce, and they can help you find a company that will value you enough to send you. Because the truth is, if your company won’t send you to Dreamforce, they undervalue you, and the work you do. Ask a UG leader, look on the success community, find a better opportunity. Never have we Salesforce Admins and Developers been more in demand than now. We are the kingmakers of business, helping realize process, facilitate communication and increasing ROI. Dreamforce only hones those skills as we jostle, litterally, from one place to another learning and teaching each other.

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